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SOLD - Spaniel with partridge, oil on plywood, 120 x 60 cm - SOLD

Hannah Shergold Spaniel retrieving partridge painting oil palette knives

Hannah Shergold elephant oil painting palette knives  


Offenhaus Live international art competition results


Hannah Shergold has been announced as one of only 20 "selected artists" for the international online art competition with Offenhaus Live and Xzibit Studios.

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"Hannah Shergold is an artist with a difference. She has studied Veterinary Science at Cambridge University, she has become an internationally renowned bronze sculptor, receiving sculpture commissions from as far afield as Dubai and Israel, she has received the Queen's Commission and become a British Army helicopter pilot, operating in Canada, Kenya, Germany and Afghanistan, and now...

"Hannah Shergold is turning her hand to painting, with astounding results. Her debut exhibition as a painter in Nanyuki, Kenya in February 2016 was achieved whilst she was committed to medical evacuation duties for the British Army. The event saw the sale of eleven paintings and her success has continued on her return to the United Kingdom. From her studio in Winchester Hannah produces contemporary watercolours and oil paintings, but it is her use of extraordinary colours that is attracting buyers to her work.

"Palette knives allow Hannah to introduce vibrant colours to subject matter that is so often painted in muted tones. And the combination of anatomical correctness with an abstract edge are providing buyers with an alternative to run-of-the-mill wildlife paintings. Hannah is now preparing to leave the Army in early 2018 to pursue her passion for painting. Only time will tell whether her work continues to draw the attention of the modern market but she is certainly an artist to keep an eye on as her paintings disappear from under your buyers' noses!"

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