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  • Bids can be submitted via the online form, available at

  • Bids may also be submitted by telephone (+44 7729 219590) or face to face provided bidders can provide suitable means of identification.

  • A countdown timer is located at the top of the bidding webpage.  Hannah Shergold reserves the right to extend the time set for the end of the auction. 

  • Hannah Shergold Limited will facilitate the online bidding process but will not receive payment for the artwork.  Instead the payment will be made directly to the British Team.  This will enable Gift Aid to be claimed and will avoid UK VAT being chargeable to the items. 

  • Hannah Shergold Limited will retain ownership of the paintings until payment has been made in full to the British Team. 

  • Hannah Shergold Limited reserves the right to retain custody of the paintings for a further 3 months to ensure the paint and protective varnish are fully dry. 

  • Shipping and packaging costs will be paid in full by the winning bidders. 

  • Hannah Shergold Limited will retain full Copyright of all artwork.  No copies may be made in any form by anyone other than Hannah Shergold Limited. 

  • Images of each artwork may only be published and/or used on social media if Hannah Shergold Art is credited.

    • Instagram: /Hannah_Shergold_Art

    • Twitter: /Hannah_Shergold

    • Facebook: /HannahShergoldArt

  • Hannah Shergold Limited reserves the right to produce and sell a Limited Edition print run of each painting. 

Terms and Conditions


for the sale of

"I AM...the Founder - Prince Harry"

"I AM...the Ambassador - David Beckham"

"I AM still moving... towards Sydney"

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