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Hannah since May 2020




The charity was established in 1990 in response to the devastating poaching crisis of the 1980’s, which pushed black rhino to the brink of extinction and saw 100,000 elephants slaughtered each year for their ivory. Since then Tusk has become a highly effective and efficient force in African wildlife conservation. Bouyed by the support and commitment of its Royal Patron HRH The Duke of Cambridge, Tusk is known for delivering well-targeted intervention and has tainted a low cost:income ratio that is one of the most competitive in its sector. 


The challenges facing the people and wildlife in Africa today are greater than ever. The world is experiencing an extinction crisis. We are losing species at between 1,000 and 10,000 times faster than the natural extinction rate, caused almost entirely by human activity. This will only worsen as the human population continues to grow and consume ever more natural resources.


"Tusk's success is rooted in the idea that the interests of people and wildlife are inextricably linked."


The organisation supports a network of more than 50 provenly effective conservation projects. Tusk’s model is to identify and partner with the most effective local organisations, investing in their in-depth knowledge and expertise. By supporting and nurturing their conservation programmes, Tusk is able to help accelerate growth from an innovative idea to a scalable solution. This experience and success in linking wildlife conservation with sustainable rural development and education makes Tusk well placed to respond to the challenges presented by today’s COVID-19 crisis.





"The question is, are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book?"





There is now deep concern that the impact of the virus CEO Charlie Mayhew stated: "The loss of tourism and donor income has impacted the ability of projects to carry on their essential work during this crisis. In 2020, instead of launching a 30th anniversary campaign, the charity focused its efforts on a Crisis Appeal to ensure the jobs of those working on the frontline of conservation were protected and essential Tusk funded programmes were able to survive this extremely challenging period. Hannah's generous donation of nearly £40,000 in 2020 went such a long way to helping us achieve this."


Nearly £40,000 raised for Tusk in 2020... despite Covid

"My commitment to Tusk was made before Covid-19 was even a part of our vocabulary, but with so much at stake it became a personal challenge to continue my support despite the challenges presented by the pandemic."




Before Covid, Hannah's fundraising plans for Tusk were in full swing. Her 350 guest exhibition preview at the Institute of Directors on London's Pall Mall had been sponsored by HSBC and her guest list was littered celebrities with celebrities, politicians and influencers, all ready to encourage people to dig deep at her charity auction. 

...But the global pandemic forced a change!

Undeterred, Hannah still exhibited her collection as soon as non-essential businesses were allowed to reopen, and to date has raised a staggering £38,200 for Tusk. Her support continues, both through the 20% donation of all sales in The Tusk Collection, and her promise of future events as we once more return to normality.